Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY feather witch hat

Alright Halloween people, here is something that I decided to do out of boredom. These feather witch hats are so easy and it only takes about a half hour! 
 What you will need is;
•cardboard witch hat (I got mine from micheals $2) 
•feathers (micheals $2) 
•glue on jewels (optional) 
•glue gun. 
•black spray paint or paint (optional) 

1. So first I spray painted my hats black so in case there was an open spot where the feather didn't cover it wouldn't be noticeable. 

2. After the paint was dry I started glueing the feathers on. I started from the end of the brim and moved my way to the top. That way all the feathers we're overlapping. You can really glue them on however you want to.
3. After I finished glueing all the feathers I added glue on jewels that I had left over from another project. And kabooommm! You are done! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Halloween DIY bats!

These Halloween paper bats are easy and fun to do, oh and also cheap!!!
All you need is:

  • Black cardstock paper (I got mine from walmart for around $4.00).
  • Marker (black sharpie). 
  • Tape. 

1. You can either free hand the bats or get some templates from google. I did both so I could have a variety of bats, I didn't want them to all look the same.

2. After you have them drawn I put a couple of sheets together and cut them all at once so it saved me some time. 

3.last I put tape on the back and put them on one of my walls in the living room. Also I added a moon:).

You can really put these anywhere in your home or even outside. I have seen them on the doors and hanging from the ceiling. Good luck and ENJOY!


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